A Marketing Stats, Trend, and Analytics Report With All Your Ad Platforms in One

Our report is custom designed for your business. Stay on top of your key performance indicators and discover valuable insights from which to optimize.

Designed Around What Matters for Your Business

Our marketing experts will build a custom report with insights focused on your key performance goals.

Support for Multiple Platforms

Get coverage across all your paid advertising platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, and more!

Automated Daily, Weekly or Monthly Delivery

We’ll deliver the reports to your inbox on a frequency of your choice.

Track, Analyze, and Gain Insights

Visual charts allow you to spot insights quickly.

Save Time and Money Say goodbye to ugly and extremely time-consuming spreadsheets that bog down your team.

The average media analyst spends 4-5 hours a week exporting data per media channel and updating their campaign performance weekly. That’s doesn’t even include deeper demographic, placement, device-based analyses that become a nice-to-have-when-you-have-time addition. We know. We’ve been there! 
Our report allows marketing teams to forego the hassle of creating their own reports and instead jump straight into overall performance stats, key performance trends, and visual analytics to manage their campaigns and draw deeper insights for marketing and product immediately.
  • Save as much as 20 hours a month.
  • Jump straight to your insights so you can take action without the delay of data rollups.
  • Stay on top of key performance indicators.
  • Focus on action. Spot changes in performance quickly. Identify insights easily from visual charts.

Who Uses ReportingMonster? Get an all-in-one report for any business that advertises online.

For Corporate Marketing Teams

Do you spend time every morning exporting data from multiple platforms to see how your campaigns are performing? With our all-in-one report, you’ll be able to spend more time on building awareness and/or increasing sales for your brand.

For Small Business Marketing

We’ll build a report that makes it easy to understand how your online marketing efforts are performing. Spend more time growing your business instead of learning how to create reports yourself.

For Marketing Agencies

The more clients you manage, the more reports that you’ll need to deliver. We can build reports that your agency can use for optimization, as well as client-facing reports.

For Freelance Marketers

Provide a professional report to your clients while saving yourself from the time consuming process of report building.

Know exactly what is working (or not) With ReportingMonster, answer all of these questions and more!

How are your marketing channels performing?

With our reports, you’ll have a pulse on each channel without having to pull reports from each platform.

Which ads are not performing well?

If your ads are not resonating with your audience, your cost of advertising goes up. Identify which ads are under-performing with our report.

Which regions produce the most conversions?

On top of seeing which regions produce conversions, you will be able to see KPIs associated with them. You’ll be able to refine your targeting based on this report.

How is the performance this month or week?

With charts and tables, you’ll know exactly how this period of time stacks up against the past.

What targeting is performing the best?

Our easy to view table will help you dive into your ad set targeting and show you how performance looks.

Are certain demographics responding better?

Get deeper data analyses on key demographic qualities (like age and gender) and how they respond to your ads on a regular basis.

What is included in the report? Below are the performance stats and analyses that can be included in your report.

Report Objectives

  • eCommerce
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness

Report Content & Description

Overall Performance Stats – High level view of account performance.
Trend Chart – A chart that tracks key performance indicators over a period of time.
Monthly Performance Table – Compare performance and KPIs against previous months.
Weekly Performance Table – Weekly view on performance and KPIs.
Daily Performance Table – A look back at the past 7 days performance.
Campaign Performance – A comparison of performance by campaign.
Targeting / Ad Set Performance – A look at a campaign’s ad sets and targeting performance.
Ad Performance – A view that shows how your ads are performing. We can also create a view that shows the ad performance across ad sets and campaigns.
Placement Insights – See performance by placement, for instance, Facebook Newsfeed, Instagram Stories, etc.
Demographic Insights – See performance by gender and age group.
Regional Insights – See performance at the state, city or country level.
Day of Week Analysis – Understand which days are performing the best or worst.
Funnel Analysis – An analysis on the conversion funnel of your website. This analysis helps you identify where users are dropping off and where improvements are needed. This analysis is not included with the standard report subscription.

Our pricing is simple:

Monthly Subscription Billed month-to-month
Ad Platforms/AccountsUp to 4
Customizations per monthUp to 10
20% Discount
Performance Trends Charts
Campaign Performance
Ad Analysis
Insights Reporting
6-Month Subscription Billed once every 6 months
Ad Platforms/AccountsUp to 4
Customizations per monthUp to 10
20% Discount
Performance Trends Charts
Campaign Performance
Ad Analysis
Insights Reporting
Agency Subscription For Agencies & Clients
Ad Platforms/Accounts5+
Customizations per monthUp to 20
20% DiscountTBD
Performance Trends Charts
Campaign Performance
Ad Analysis
Insights Reporting

Multiple Platforms Support All of the most popular ad platforms in one report!

Do you enjoy logging into each platform to export data and then compiling a report to see your performance? Chances are you probably don’t. With our custom reports, you can spend less time each day building reports and more time running your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

No problem! After you sign up, we’ll send you a survey to fill out. Based on your answers, we will build a report specific to your business.
Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Bing, Snapchat, Twitter, and Linkedin. If you have another platform you need a report for, send us a message and we’ll get back to you.
We can work with custom metrics and KPIs! Just let us know how to calculate it and we can include it into your report.
After you have agreed that the report is how you want it, the reports will be delivered at your requested interval. If you need adjustments made to it later, we can make updates up to a limited number of times per month, depending on your subscription plan.
We can deliver the reports whenever you want them: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
We can send the reports as PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, or even as an image file.
Yes we do! We offer a 20% discount if you subscribe for a 6-month plan instead of the month-to-month billing plan.
It takes us an average of 1-3 days to build your report. The timing depends on complexity, how much customization is necessary, and how many accounts you have.

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